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Sync Troubleshooting

With Bear Pro, Bear automatically syncs your new notes and edits to all devices; you don’t have to do anything.

You can check when the last sync happened in Bear Preferences. If you notice missing notes or updates, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try.


Sync is only available to Bear Pro users.


Bear does not require any login or registration to sync your notes, but you have to make sure all your devices share the same iCloud account. It must also be the same Apple ID you used to download Bear on all your devices.


To get the best, Bear-iest sync possible, please check the following settings:


To get the best, Bear-iest sync possible, please check the following settings:

If you imported a large note archive

If you imported a large number of notes from text files or an archive from another app, it’s possible that Bear on iOS will need some time to finish its first sync. Please leave Bear for iOS open (not in the background) for a few minutes to help it complete the sync.

This step is needed only in case of huge imports. Once it is finished, your Bear will sync faster and more often on a note-by-note basis.

The time needed for this initial sync to finish will vary depending on your internet connection. For a fast sync, it might help to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.

The configuration is correct but the sync still doesn't work

This is sad! 😞

In order to better understand what is going on, we need some logs from the devices that are not syncing properly. Here is how to generate these logs and send them to us:

Generate logs on macOS:

Generate logs on iOS:

Please note that the logs can contain pieces of text of your notes. In a situation where sync isn’t working, this will not happen. But to better investigate your issue, we need every CloudKit transition to be logged. We have no interest in your private data and will not read any sensible information. But we strongly suggest to edit any sensible part of your Logs with TextEdit or any other App. Usually if the Log file has pieces of notes inside it - it means that the synchronization is working properly on that device and you'll just need to wait until the sync is over with the app opened (not in the background).


In some conditions, if you edit one note on two or more devices at the same exact time, Bear might not be able to merge the changes without compromising the note’s content. If this happens, Bear will duplicate the note with the title prefixed with [Conflicted].

The original and ‘conflicted’ notes will each have their unique set of changes from the device used to edit them. To resolve the conflict and get back to a single note, please review these notes carefully on a single device. Manually copy any necessary changes from one to the other, then delete the duplicate you don’t need.

Attachments Limits

Each attachment must be less than 250Mb to be synced between devices.

Text limit

Notes larger than 500,000 characters will not be entirely synced.

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